Corporate and Venture Finance,
Venture Development & Incubation

Novo is taken from the Latin expression ‘from the beginning’.

It symbolises our passion for supporting early stage and growth enterprise in the UK; working to help provide the capital, expertise and connections that can enable businesses with great potential to achieve their objectives.

Our focus is on building strong relationships with founders, executives, venture partners & management teams across a breadth of sectors. This enables us to support both the development and growth of dynamic and disruptive businesses, whilst building, structuring and creating new opportunities.

Whilst capital is at the heart of Novo Ventures, we are entrepreneurs by nature, not financiers or VCs – we consider ourselves Venture Catalysts!

At Novo we work to support and position the business ahead of funding, ensuring the opportunity is attractive to investors at each investment stage.

We then become a strategic partner to the business to help drive growth and deliver upon agreed investment milestones and strategic objectives. Novo can also provide an effective investor relations function for your business, working with you to prepare and deliver consistent and accurate communication/reporting, to enable management to focus their attention on growth.


Equity & Debt Financing

Working with founders to create an investor strategy that readies the venture for capital injection, and then supporting the company in raising the right investment, from the right investor(s), and at the right time.

Venture Incubation

Our in-house expertise and the ability to leverage the expertise of our Venture Partner network enable us to incubate startup businesses, either directly within our Jewellery Quarter offices or remotely.

Growth Engineering

At the heart of every startup success story lies achieving sales, yet this is typically the biggest challenge for early stage ventures. Novo work with management to create and implement a digital focused growth strategy.

MBO & Trade Sale Advisory

Whether founder led or investor driven, we work with key stakeholders to both create and manage exit opportunities for the business; allowing management to continue their focus on the day-to-day running of the business.

Investor Relations

We can provide an outsourced investor relations function for your business, working with you to prepare and deliver consistent, accurate and timely communication and reporting to enable you to focus on growth and operations.