Creating capability, not dependency

Jan 06, 2022 / By Taj Heer

The consulting model has, for many decades, been perceived as an intervention that provides mixed feelings/results for the client. Often two extremes exist.

Firstly, consultants merely tell you what you already know; packaging their insights into elaborate presentations that use the newest ‘business speak’ (which weirdly you start using at every given opportunity). You’re left with a report(s) that once handed over, merely gather dust over time.

Secondly, consultants are superhuman individuals with superhuman powers; deploying abilities to transform the internals of your venture/organisation, and it seems even the marketplace you operate within. They are the real-world Marvel Avengers; a multi-functional super team that’s carved from marble corridors and libraries of elite business schools.

So, what’s the problem?

Neither model creates capability within your venture/organisation. The first model does not intervene or lead, and the second model takes absolute control. Note that bad things happen to the world when the Avengers aren’t there – as such, they become a perennial need. That’s dependency.

Intervention should be focussed on creating capability, not dependency. Support should be intertwined with honest critique, leadership, direction, experiential learning, but most importantly skills and knowledge transfer for the venture/organisation to flourish for itself.

That’s what we do at Novo as we have been where you are right now. We have the experience, skills, and competency to navigate with you.

What makes our approach different?

– Our approach ensures we maximise the existing potential within your personnel.

– We create experiential learning and ensure that skills, behaviours, attitudes, competencies, and thinking are fully progressed and developed.

– There is no pre-determined solution to sell – your needs come first.

– We work with, not for our clients – this way we are completely aligned and ‘in it together’.

– We share change management, transformation, turnaround and growth tools and techniques across your venture/organisation so that everyone has a commonality of knowledge and understanding to become your own ‘Avengers’.

– We regularly monitor the impact of our intervention.

– If we don’t add value, we don’t waste your time – we don’t profess to know it all!

– We answer the first question first.

How do we work?

– We listen, understand, empathise, manage, and direct – we don’t command, control, or dictate.

– We identify and deploy appropriate tools and techniques to deliver the desired result.

– We facilitate and lead the learning and development experience.

– We manage and lead by example.

What are the benefits?

– We create true capability within our clients through enhancing the internal competencies, behaviours, and skills.

– The level of sustainability and ownership is significantly increased from that of a ‘traditional’ client-consultancy relationship.

– Our clients retain complete control over the timing and depth of the external input.